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Collaborative Clinical Pathways (CCP)


The Collaborative Clinical Pathways (CCP) programme has been in operation since 2012 to improve continuity of care between primary, community and hospital services. Map of Medicine was the tool used to host localised MidCentral pathways up until June 2019.  From July 2019 HealthPathways will be the primary clinical pathway tool.

Whanganui & MidCentral Community HealthPathways  

HealthPathways is a health information portal to support assessment, management and specialist request decisions for over 550 conditions. HealthPathways is designed for general practice teams at point of care, specialists, allied health and other health professionals in the Whanganui and MidCentral district. To go to Whanganui & MidCentral Community HealthPathways click here

Access to Whanganui & MidCentral Community HealthPathways

If you are a health professional in the MidCentral district and would like access to Whanganui & MidCentral Community HealthPathways click here

Why HealthPathways?

HealthPathways improves and standardises primary care management through best-practice and localised pathways. HealthPathways can enhance referral and communication between general practice teams and specialists and provide clarity for patients on the expected process for specialist services. HealthPathways will contribute to reduced demand on acute and secondary care services, with potential to flow through to a redistribution of resources for more elective services and greater support for primary care.
HealthPathways can be used:

  • when managing an uncommon condition
  • to familiarise yourself with recent changes to the management of a condition
  • if unsure of the next step
  • to ensure referrals are not declined due to forgotten key information e.g. blood test, essential history elements
  • to support practice process around orientation of new health professionals we are unfamiliar with the local health system
  • as a teaching tool for GP registrar trainers
  • to ensure patients’ conditions are treated in a similar way by different clinicians i.e. a different general practitioner in the practice, after hours centre or Emergency Department.

Key features introduced with HealthPathways include:

  • mobile-friendly, available on desktop, phone or tablet
  • evidence-based and easy to use
  • free text searching of pathways
  • structured directory to browse
  • format has a natural clinical flow
  • pathways cover Red Flags, Assessment, Management, Requests and information

The CCP Pathways programme is an initiative by MidCentral DHB, THINK Hauora and the Whanganui Alliance Leadership Team (WALT). WALT comprises Whanganui DHB, National Hauora Coalition and the Whanganui Regional Health Network.

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