Connecting communities during COVID-19

Our General Practice teams and Community Pharmacy are still available to help you stay well during this time. Check below on ways we are changing our services to stay connected with you and your whānau. We will be updating this page regularly as some services may change over time.

General Practice

Our General Practice staff are crucial to our national response to COVID-19 and are committed to keeping you well.  General Practices will continue to operate as essential services. Check out how their services are changing to look after your health and the health of your whānau.   

Services offered

Face-to-face consultations

General Practices will still be open to see people face-to-face. Please call or email your General Practice and your GP or nurse practitioner will advise you whether you need to visit them in person.

Please listen to their instructions of what to do. You may be greeted at the door and asked questions before coming into the practice – or you may be asked to go to a different entrance rather than the one you usually go to.

Your GP and Nurse Practitioner will be doing fewer face-to-face consultations. Instead they will be offering different ‘non-contact’ ways to communicate with them.  

Phone and video consultations

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and other health professionals will be using telephone and video consultations.

Connecting through your patient portal

Many General Practices offer a patient portal. These provide safe and secure ways to communicate with your General Practice.

Already connected on your General Practice Portal?

If you are already connected to your own General Practice portal through the ManageMyHealth app or myIndici app, this is a great way to keep in touch.

General Practices manage their patient portals in different ways. For example, you may be able to:

  • email your GP, Nurse Practitioner or long-term conditions nurse
  • check your current information about what medicines you are on
  • check recent laboratory results
  • request simple repeat prescriptions.

Your General Practice team might add handy resources to your profile to help you find out more about and better manager your health. Take this time to get familiar about what you can do in your portal.

Not yet connected on your General Practice portal?

We have a new way to register people onto their General Practice portal without coming into the practice. Stay posted!

Does my General Practice have a patient portal?

Check out the table on our General Practice page to see if your General Practice offers a patient portal service. More of our General Practices are coming on board so we will continue to update this as soon as they are up and running. Check here:

Charges for phone, video or email services

Your General Practice may have charges for their new phone, video and email consultation services. They will share this information with you – however if you are unsure, please do ask.


Community Pharmacy

Our Community Pharmacy teams are crucial to our national response to COVID-19 and are committed to keeping you well. Community Pharmacies will continue to work as essential services during the COVID-19 lock down.  Check out how their services are changing to look after you and the health of your whānau.

Services offered

Community Pharmacies will be available for essential services only. This includes providing prescriptions, other medicines and advice. Pharmacies will not be available for casual shopping.

Going to your pharmacy in person

From now on, Community Pharmacies will have a limited entry policy. When arriving at a pharmacy, people will be asked basic health questions before entering the premises. If unwell, you will be asked to wait in your car or outside.

People will not be permitted to wait inside for prescriptions. If waiting outside, please do not congregate with other people. Please keep social distancing of two metres at all times.

When to send someone else

If you are unwell, please do not come into the Pharmacy. Ask a healthy person to pick up your prescription. They may need to bring ID and could be asked some questions by the pharmacy team.

Getting your prescription filled

There may be a 24-hour delay for pharmacies to complete non-urgent prescriptions. Your pharmacy may ask you to return at a specific time or contact you when the medicine is ready. Please continue to order your repeat scripts as usual. Please do not order repeat prescriptions early.

Delivery options

If you are unable to come to a pharmacy AND you do not have someone who can pick up your prescription, you will still be able to get your medicines. Please ask the pharmacy about their delivery options.

Flu vaccinations

Some community pharmacies will provide flu vaccinations. Please call first to check if this service is provided at your local pharmacy.