Connecting communities with reliable health information

When you have a question about your health or the health of your whānau, there are many people and places to find reliable health information ─ even during lockdown.

Health Navigator

Put down Dr Google. Health Navigator is New Zealand’s trusted health website! Health Navigator has easy-to-understand resources on all things health-related. From an A to Z on medicines, to videos, and links to useful tools and apps.

Always go to Health Navigator as your first stop for information on any health conditions, common illnesses and for ideas on healthy living. There is also resources in Te Reo, Chinese, Samoan, Tongan and New Zealand Sign Language.

Community Pharmacy

Need more guidance? Your local Community Pharmacists have been giving reliable health and medicine advice to our communities for years. Give them call, they may even be able to video chat. After all, a friendly face is always good ─ from a safe distance!

Pharmacists can provide advice and treatments for minor common ailments such as conjunctivitis (free for children aged 2-13 years), can dispense emergency contraception and sell first aid materials, and much more. Talk to them if you have any concerns with your medicines or health concern and want to know the next step you should take.


If you want advice on finding local services near you, visit Healthpoint at Healthpoint provides up to date information about healthcare providers, referral requirements, services and common treatments. The site includes has links to helpful information including patient rights, privacy code and how to prepare for your next healthcare visit.

Patient Portal (MyIndici or Manage My Health)

Your General Practice can set you up on a mobile patient portal app, which is a great place to access health information related to your own health needs. Your patient portal holds information about your current allergies, medications and immunisation history. It may provide quick access to your latest laboratory results or reminders for repeat scripts, health checks and vaccinations.

Your General Practice team can also upload relevant resources on your portal.These might include resources to help you learn how to better manage your long-term conditions, what treatment options are available, self-care plans as well as useful health and wellbeing apps.


The Healthline team are specialists in assessing and advising people about health queries over the phone. Calls are free on 0800 611 116 for landline and mobile calls. You can call anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please call Healthline free:

  • if you don’t have a family doctor
  • if you’re feeling unwell but you’re not sure if you need to see a doctor
  • for advice about what’s happening  to your health and next steps, or
  • if you want some advice about a family member or a friend who’s sick (when you are with them).

The team at Healthline can also arrange for someone to speak to you in your own language. When the phone is answered please say you would like an interpreter.

Healthline is staffed by an experienced clinical team that includes registered nurses, paramedics and health advisors, who can immediately provide you with health information and advice on care. Learn more about the service, how to provide feedback and how to order Healthline resources by visiting

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health website provides a lot of easy-to-read information on common health conditions, what to do if someone has had an accident, understanding more about treatments and surgeries and much more.

You can also follow the Ministry of Health Facebook page for real time updates and links to a number of handy resources:

Useful numbers to put in your phone
1.    Your General Practice contact number (where you are enrolled as a patient) See for general practice contact numbers.
2.    Healthline 0800  611 116 for free health advice
3.    Coronavirus free advice and updtes 0800 358 5453 or