POAC Resources

POAC Resources


MedTech Upload Links

For an updated outbox version of the POAC Transfer of Care/Handover Form, please click here
If you have any problems uploading the form, please contact Practice Support ps@thinkhauora.nz

Education Update - September 2018
DVT Update Rivaroxaban
Iron Infusions Update

Advanced Form Changes - September 2017
POAC Advanced Form Changes Instructions Sept 2017

Education Update - August 2017
POAC Evening Presentation 1st August
Iron pathway for GPTs August 2017
DVT pathway

Optimum Use of Antibiotics - April 2017
Optimum Use of Antibiotics in Primary care. Richard Everts. April 2017

Optimal Use of antibiotics in Primary Care Part 1

Optimal Use of antibiotics in Primary Care Part 2

Training Resources

For RN training on Iron Infusion/Administration please contact Lizzie Masseurs: