Podiatrist – Diabetes Specialist Service


The Diabetes Podiatry Service provides foot care for people with diabetes who are at high risk of foot problems, from their diabetes. The services include:

  • Foot screening. This involves testing how well the patient can feel their feet, areas in danger of infection or ulceration, and a test of the blood supply to the feet. All the tests are non-invasive and painless. 
  • Treatment. This is provided depending on foot health. 
  • Education regarding footwear selection and foot care.
  • Prevention of potential foot problems.

This service is free of charge to the patient and requires referral from a health professional, such as the general practice team, or another clinician to attend.

The PHO diabetes podiatry service is not available for all diagnosed diabetics for routine nail cutting. Other exclusions include people in aged residential care and people who do not have diabetes.


Click here to download our Diabetes Podiatrist Service pamphlet.


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