Health Care Home


What is a Health Care Home?

Health Care Home is a model of care centred on a patient’s needs. The model enables patients to access same day appointments, provides extended hours of access and allows patients to have virtual consultations with GPs via phone, or secure messaging. Patients will also have access to their clinical information through patient portals.
The model involves multi-disciplinary teams which includes general practice teams, specialists and community nursing teams to support patients, making it a key component of integrated health that will enable DHBs and Primary Care to work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and the wider community. 
The model results in a more comprehensive and cohesive system of health care that is: proactive, responsive and effective, with members of the general practice team being able to provide the best possible care, support patients to have more control of their care and reduce health disparities.

Patients in a Health Care Home can expect:

  • The Practice to be a nice place to visit. A calm reception area where staff can focus completely on patient needs.
  • Easier access and more choice. Patients can access their healthcare online to book appointments, contact their GP or nurse, view lab results and other clinical information. This saves patients time and hassle of a trip to see us. Patients can also phone, or make an appointment in the usual way and may be able to speak directly to a GP,
  • Access to care when it is urgently needed. If you phone a Health Care Home practice, you will be able to get an appointment the same day if it is clinically necessary. You may be able to speak directly to a GP about your care before an appointment is made.
  • More services. Health Care Home Practices are expending services so that patients can get additional urgent care (such as intravenous antibiotics and management of deep vein blood clots, for example) thereby avoiding having to make any unnecessary trips for these to the Emergency Department.
  • Better management of ongoing health conditions. Many patients have ongoing health conditions.  Health Care Home practices will make it easier for patients to plan and manage their health care, and maintain a high quality of life. Practices will work with patients to set goals around your health and wellbeing, and work with you on a regular basis to achieve these goals.  Health Care Home practices make available the time patients need to manage conditions in partnership.
  • Better service at hospital or After Hours. Hospital and After-Hours staff will be able to see patients’ health information, allowing them to provide better and more personalised care.

Health Care Home was introduced to the Mid Central region in 2017. There are currently four practices actively implementing the programme;

  • Kauri HealthCare
  • Feilding Health Care
  • The Palms Medical Centre
  • Tararua Health Group (Dannevirke) 

Practices as a Health Care Home can expect:

  • A model of care that is supported by a national framework Health Care Home Model of Care Requirements
  • Support through the New Zealand National Health Care Home Collaborative 
  • Varied utilisation of your workspaces to promote environmental efficiencies
  • Increased knowledge about roles and responsibilities of high performing team members
  • Strategies to manage urgent demands and patients with complex needs 
  • Identification and understanding of essential quality improvement tools

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