Physical Activity Education Service


The Physical Activity Service is targeted to people diagnosed with or who are  at high risk of developing a long- term condition, with the goal to prevent and manage the long term condition. The programme is run by Clinical Exercise Physiologists who specialise in providing exercise, lifestyle and behavioural change programmes. Patients are regularly monitored. The length of the programme is up to 12 weeks and includes:

  • a health history assessment, 
  • measurements of current health status 
  • exercise testing 
  • an individualized exercise programme suitable for the patients’ health condition(s)

The programme may be delivered at home, the gym, or pool. The Physical Activity Service is free of charge, however when using the gym and pool there is a small part charge for the use of the facility. Once people have completed the exercise programme, they are eligible for a reduced rate gym membership, if they wish to continue there.


Click here to download our Physical Activity Educator Service pamphlet.


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