Nurses vital to team approach in primary care

A new generation of nurses is needed! 

Nurses are increasingly important to well-functioning primary health teams and provide vital support to our GPs but, according to the latest Nursing Council statistics, one in five nurses are expected to retire in the next five years.

In an interview with the Manawatu Standard, THINK Hauora Chief Executive explains that our district is better set up than some because of strong nursing leadership. This work began nearly two decades ago with the foresight of nursing leader and educator and now Director of the New Zealand College of Nurses Prof Jenny Carryer CNZM and many others in our district. MidCentral District invested in a nursing framework  to develop nursing  and provide greater opportunities for registered nurses to advance their careers into areas of speciality.

These areas of specialisation are aligned to the changing needs that we see out in the community. From this we see a range of specialist nurses with different capabilities across the primary health scene: Nurse prescribers, Community prescribers, Long term conditions nurses, Diabetes nurse specialists and Nurse Practitioners with is all part of the changing way of primary care. Some activities which used to be the sole domain of general practitioners are being carried out by nurses with advanced training and qualifications.

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