Welcome to Central PHO, trading as THINK Hauora!

Welcome to Central PHO, trading as THINK Hauora!

We are your local Primary Health Organisation for the MidCentral district and represent the Manawatu, Palmerston North, Tararua, Horowhenua and Otaki communities.

The Central PHO Board is proud to launch our new name and new brand which have been developed alongside the 2019–2025 Strategy

Our 2019–-2025 Strategy takes a broad view of health, recognising the connectivity between health and other aspects of people’s lives. While grounded in primary health care provision, THINK Hauora aspires toconnect communities for wellbeing’.   It is time to be bold over the new direction and name change.

What does THINK Hauora mean?
THINK is an acronym for: Technology, Health, Innovation, Networks, Knowledge.


Hauora means health, wellness and wellbeing. It is broader and more encompassing than ‘health’. The roots of Hauora are found in ‘hau’ and ‘ora’. Hau is the wind and air, the vital essence (to be alive we need oxygen), ora is to be alive, well (to be well we need the energy of the sun ‘ra’.)