What is changing and when?

Central PHO is changing its name and brand to THINK Hauora.  This will take effect from 5 August 2019. 
Email and website redirects will be in place to avoid any business disruption.

What was the driver of change?

The Board has adopted a new six-year strategy (2019-2025).  The new name ‘THINK Hauora’ and the THINK Hauora 2019–2025 Strategy takes a broad view of health, recognising the connectivity between health and other aspects of people’s lives. While grounded in primary health care provision, THINK Hauora aspires to ‘connect communities for wellbeing’.   It is time to be bold over the new direction and name change. 

Our name

THINK Hauora is written as two words in all documents and presentations. 

What does THINK Hauora mean?

THINK: Technology, Health, Innovation, Networks, Knowledge

Hauora: Health, Wellness & Wellbeing 

Hau = wind, air (to be alive and well we need oxygen) 
Ora = alive, well (to be well we need the energy of the sun) 

The natural environmental elements of air and sun provides wellbeing and good health.


Our Logo

Our logo includes our name, vision and tohu.  

Our name is presented as one word, when presented as an image as part of our logo. 

Our Vision

Tūhonotia te hapori ki te Ora, Connecting Communities for Wellbeing. 


Our Tohu

Our new tohu draws inspiration of a pro of a waka drawing all people forward into a shared future.  It speaks to equity.  Awa is the system which connects people to land and people through time.  It gives access to health-giving nourishment and ensures growth.  The tohu also evokes imagery the district landscape: mountains, hills, plains, rivers, and a wave surge.

Has our core business changed?

As a Primary Health Organisation, we remain grounded in primary health care provision while aspiring to ‘connect communities for wellbeing’. We are focused on the health and wellbeing of all our communities across the MidCentral district. 

When will public information collateral changeover?

There will still be many Central PHO posters and brochures available through general practices and community providers. Material will be updated incrementally over the next 12 months.

Where can I access the 2019-2025 Strategy?  

THINK Hauora Strategy 2019-2025

Where can I go to get help?

Contact our Communications Advisor