RN Prescribing in Community Health

RN prescribing in Community Health: Nursing Council New Zealand (NCNZ) is commencing a managed roll out of Registered Nurse (RN) prescribing in community health in 2019, following a trial to prepare RNs to prescribe contraceptives and some short-term antibiotics for common conditions.  

RNs prescribing in community health will be prescribing for normally healthy people using decision support tools, current best practice information and with the support of colleagues. They will be responsible for asking for help when they need it and referring patients who have health problems beyond their abilities. 
Nurses will only be able to apply for this prescribing authority if they are part of an approved programme and complete a work-based education programme. They can then apply to NCNZ for prescribing authority for a limited number of medicines for minor ailments and illnesses in normally healthy people without significant health problems.

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