Poly Nation


#PolyNation is a Pasifika movement created as part of the Pasifika 5 Year Action and Investment Plan. Specifically, it is the vehicle that will enable the project (and THINK Hauora) to meet recommendations made in the 5 Year Plan, including the implementation and the empowering of the Pasifika Community to promote mental resilience, healthy eating and physical activity in the context of family. Since the inception of the #Polynation on the 28th May 2018, there are currently 962 members on its facebook page which is the platform used to drive the initiative in the social media space.



PolyPower encompasses a range of functional fitness regimes in a group training environment and caters to all shapes, sizes, age and gender. PolyPower started on the 28th May and is currently run at the Cloverlea School Hall every Monday from 6-7pm. There are 22-36 Pasifika people engaging regularly with ages from 7-62 years old. 

PolyPaddles is a six-week water survival/swimming programme for 6-10 years old. This initiative started on the 10th July and currently there are 30 kids undertaking the programme at CLM Lido (Palmerston North) and 20 children at Levin Aquatic Centre (Horowhenua). 

PolyMentors is a “Pasifika for Pasifika” mentoring programme where certain members (positive role-models) of the Pasifika community work with our younger 
generations in primary schools. Currently, we have a mentor working with the Pacific students at Cloverlea School and feedback from the Principal has been glowing.

Over the past 3 months (since early September) we have been working alongside the Niuean community (FOB’s Touch Club) promoting Touch Rugby. As a result we have managed to help the FOB’s Touch Club engage up to 86 pasifika children aged between 5-12yrs old across 6 different teams. Our Pasifika Lifestyle Coach has been providing some mentoring and resources to help the Coaches at the club with facilitation and coaching tools to help grow the game. 

Planning currently underway and this platform is to be utilised for health messaging and promotions. 


Poly Power Up Challenge

This is a 5 Week Programme designed to help our Pasifika community create healthier lifestyle habits. Over the course of the 5 Week programme all participants will be involved with nutrition workshops, exercise challenges, health checks, fitness testing and last but not least it will encompass a lot of fun with like minded people on the same journey.