Easier Access to Your Health Information

Patient Portal 

Patient Portals are secure online sites, provided by Medical Centres, where patients can access their health information and communicate with their GP and the rest of the health care team.  

Patient Portals can allow patients to: 
•    request repeat prescriptions
•    book appointments
•    see their lab results
•    see their GP's clinical notes
•    see their current diagnosis
•    see a list of their medical conditions
•    see a list of the medications they are on
•    see their immunisation and vaccination history
•    receive reminders and recalls from the practice team
•    send and receive secure messages to and from their GP or a practice nurse.

Which General Practices utilise Patient Portal?
Please see the Patient Portal column of the General Practices Page

How Do I Sign Up?
Bring a form of photo ID (ie drivers licence) to reception on your next General Practice visit and ask to be signed up.

Once you have signed up to ManageMyHealth patient portal, up you can activate your account by following these instructions click here.

Once you have signed up to MyIndici patient portal, up you can activate your account by following these instructions click here


Shared Electronic Health Record (Shared Care Record)

The Shared Electronic Health Record allows authorised medical services involved in your care to access up to date health information from your Medical Centre. The Shared Electronic Health Record is available at any time, even if your Medical Centre is closed or in the event of an emergency. 

The information that is included in the Shared Electronic Health Record is:
•    Your Medications
•    Your Medical Conditions
•    Any allergies you may have
•    Your radiology (xray/scan) results
•    Your immunisation history
•    When you are next due for tests or medical procedures (called recalls) 
•    Your blood test results (laboratory results)
•    Your hospital discharge summaries 

Check the list below to see if your Medical Centre allows your medical record to be shared with authorised health care services. 

= 81% of people in the MidCentral region have a Shared Electronic Health Record
If you require treatment, your Shared Electronic Health Record will be available in Medical Centres, and Afterhours Medical Centres in the MidCentral/Whanganui region

Do I have a Shared Electronic Health Record?
Please see the Shared Electronic Health Record column of the General Practices Page.
If you are registered with a General Practice that has a tick, you will automatically have a Shared Electronic Health Record.

For more information about the Shared Electronic Health Record, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), go to http://sharedcarerecord.org.nz/